Shipping containers are critical to the global supply chain. Their security and integrity is critical, but can be challenging to verify because of the complexities of the supply chain. On a typical shipment, 28 different entities - and more than 100 individuals - interact with the container, including ports, forwarders, carriers, customs services and more.SecureSystem's container tracking technology transforms shipping containers into smart, technology-enhanced units that can be remotely tracked, monitored, and managed. The easily attachable units create the ability to validate the location, condition, and integrity of any container, establishing a new level of connectivity and security in global supply chains.

SecureSystem enables cost-effective regulatory compliance and enhanced supply chain visibility, bringing internet-of-things (IoT) functionality to one of the world's largest and most essential industries.

20 Million

Shipping Containers in Global Circulation

150 Million

Container Trips Every Year

$4 Trillion

in Estimated Cargo Value

Impacting 90%

of Global Trade